Targ Węglowy Square


Competition - Honorable Mention

Authors: Katarzyna Berent, Kamila Piotrowska, Barbara Tusk, Zofia Zuchowicz

The aim of the competition was to design an attractive space for inhabitants and tourist on a large square that is now serving as a parking lot. The task was also to design a new frontage on the southern side of the square.

Suggestion for a phased development.

Phase I - temporary and low cost solutions that accustom people to the new character of the place. Involves temporary stage, a vertical public space marking future frontage and using an existing modernist LOT building to provide space for a cultural institution.

Phase II - new development on the western frontage of the square, including amber museum, hotel, officess and experimental multifunctional cultural centre. Underground parking lot unterneath the square. On the surface permament stage, expanded greenery and terraces for bars and restaurants.

Top diagram: incorporating existing LOT building in the newly designed structure.

Middle diagram: dividing the large building block with a strip of courtyards and open spaces.

Bottom diagram: temporary vertical public space as the permament facade of the new building.

In 1961 a building for a furniture store was raised, later transformed into offices for LOT (pollish airlines). It is a key example of modernist architecture in Gdańsk.

For the inhabitans of the city the building has a sentimental value - when they are planning to visit one of the nearby restaurants, cultural institutions or simply go for a walk with their friends, they usually gathers in front of LOT. It became a symbol of a meeting place for the whole city.

Thus, we decided to incorporate its construction in the design of the experimental cultural centre. The structure is exposed through a glass curtain and thla place can mantain the function of a meeting place.