Tadeusz Polak’s square


Competition - 2nd prize

Authors: Katarzyna Berent and Katarzyna Bogumił

The project is located in the historic part of Gdańsk, with numerous tourist attractions and cultural institutions nearby. The task was to design a public space pleasant for pedestrians and suggest a function that would bring the square to life and attract visitors.

Use of four materials: concrete, wood, greenery and water.

The crossing of two paths: upper one for leisure, bottom one for art and culture.

A restaurant and coffee house is designed on the ground floor of the tenement house, with a terrace in the most sunny part of the square. ArtCube is serving as an entrance to a gallery space located in the undergrounds of the Scout's House (Dom Harcerza). A wooden band runs across the center of the square, adapting its form along the way.

Section A presents the structure of the wooden path. Section B and the floor plan present the gallery space. Retractable seats for an audience are located in front of the entrance and the ArtCube's roof may serve as a stage for outdoor events.